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Katy Skrzypek, RDN, LDN

I went from being a 20-something student/bartender with a dog I could fit into my purse to an  almost 30-something RD and mother of three with a diaper bag I can barely fit into my passenger seat. Boom…. an overnight Domestic Rockstar was born. It’s not always easy balancing kids, a budget, a household and a traveling (rockstar) spouse while attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and meals my family will love. I don’t have washboard abs and I don’t eat carrots, broccoli and tofu day in and day out. I am a real person who likes to help real people live healthier and happier lives!


Get to know me by learning about a few of my favorite things: 
color – blue
food – quesadillas, anything breakfast
movie – Tombstone
fruit – strawberries
flower – daisy
t.v. show – New Girl and Gossip Girl
season – fall
drink – coffee, tea, red wine and water
number – 7 and 11
holiday – New Years
candy – Reese’s cups
restaurant – Chef’s Cafe
football team- Steelers
basketball team- Trailblazers
accessory – my lovely engagement ring 🙂
make-up – eyeliner
Car – Chevy Tahoe
Starbucks Drink – soy chai latte
Quirks – i love excel spreadsheets and checking the snail mail box
states – PA and TN
scent – anything sweet
art – tattoos
place – the country
store – eek… Target

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