Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

make ahead

Grab one of these premade breakfast burritos and get on with your day!

by Katy Skrzypek, RDN, LDN

Like I’ve said time and time again, meal prep is key in our house. We have a jam packed schedule every day. Maybe I’ll do a future day-in-the-life post so you can see what it’s like to juggle 3-4 part time jobs, 3 kids with extracurriculars, a spouse and household duties. It ain’t easy folks. Holla’ to my ladies (and gents) that keep up at this pace!

Mornings are always all over the place and to avoid skipping meals, coffee-only breakfast or grabbing a carbexplosion from the keep-the-toddler-from-having-a-meltdown basket, we make some yummy Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos.


These burritos can be customized for everyone in the house, which is a lifesaver on its own. I load-up the ones for me and the mister and the kids like extra cheese only. They may not get veggies in theirs, but at least it isn’t sugar-diabetes-coco-sprinkle-puffs. I’ve learned to pick my battles.

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

makes 10 burritos

10 whole wheat or corn tortillas
10 large eggs
1 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup diced mushrooms
1/4 cup diced onions
1/4 cup diced green pepper
shredded cheese to seal
Salsa to serve


  1. Lay out the 10 tortillas on a clean surface and put 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese on each tortilla.
  2. Scramble the eggs in a frying pan and then place equal amounts of egg on top of each tortilla with cheese.
  3. Spray another frying pan with non-stick spray. Place all veggies into the frying pan and cook until tender crisp.
  4. Place equal amounts of veggies on top of each tortilla.
  5. While veggies are still hot, sprinkle a dusting of shredded cheese on top and fold up tortillas. The melting cheese will help hold everything together while you wrap each tortilla with foil.
  6. Freeze or refrigerate in large ziplock bags.
  7. Serve burritos warmed (microwave 1 min or bake 350 degrees F for 5-7 mins) with salsa and a side of fruit for a well balanced breakfast!

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