Tell me, Whatcha’ Drinking Darlin’?


What you pour into your cup is just as important as what you put on your plate. Choose wisely!

by Katy Skrzypek, RDN, LDN

Welcome to this semester’s Pick-up Lines 101….. psych! No, really, what are you drinking?!?

Sometimes I like to forget what exactly is in my coffee mug. Is it coffee? Is it water? Is it wine? The struggle is real folks.

As a Dietitian, I ask my clients about what they are eating. They tell me everything that they put on their plates, but not always what they are sipping on.

They forget about the 3 cokes, the large glass of milk and the orange juice they had that day, because they drank, rather than ate, them. It wasn’t on my plate, so it didn’t count, right? WRONG!!

Very easily those calories add up just like mindless snacking adds up and junk does add up. Without intending them to, some big drinks can have as many calories as a small meal! Soda pop can have around 130 calories per serving, some protein drinks have near 200-400 calories per container and don’t get me started on the frozen, blended, sweet, coffee drinks on the market. Ugh.

Drinkin? copy

At my local grocery store, AT LEAST two whole aisles are devoted to nothing but beverages. The choices are endless! Try to make better choices when deciding what to drink, if you must have one of the 345,756,234,245,765+ beverage choices with a fancy label.

Ready for the PSA?


If you are drinking a bunch of sugar-laden beverages each day, cutting back on them is a relatively easy way to cut out unnecessary calories and sugar that could lead to better health and weight loss. Your body is your temple, so treat it as such. Water it daily and it will serve you.


How to Drink More Water:
1. Drink less crap: cut out the soda, sugary sweetened juice and high cal coffee drinks
2. Add some flavor: cucumber, citrus fruits, essential oils.
3. Make it handy: always have a bottle, cup or glass full and available.
4. Make it appealing or reward yourself: a girl can never have enough cute water tumblers!

So, next time you pick up your cup, make sure you are making a choice that will make you feel good. Make hydrating with good ‘ol H2O a habit. Your body will love you for it!


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