Mommy Mondays: Organizing 101

I am the queen of organizing in this house. I’m one of those freaks that likes to do laundry, organize my closet and absolutely everything has its place. I would post a few pictures up here, but I’m writing this from my hotel room on the road…. not much to organize here. I am sure I will go back and add pics to this post, so stay tuned!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve checked into it, and luckily I am not showing any OCD-like traits in relation to my organizing, but every now and then I come close…. my poor family! Really, you can ask them…. I’m tiring when it comes to picking up the house.

There are different levels of organization. Not everyone graduates to a black belt. Organization is only as difficult as you make it. And, you can only be as organized as you want to be. Make the decision to organize and I can help you through the chaos.


1. Pick your Battles: This is critical if you have children. Your house will never look like a museum, EVER. Instead, identify the areas of your home that you can keep under control and focus on them. If you have a toddler, this may be nothing more than your locked pantry and your closet, but it’s a good start. I focus on my work station, my dressers and closet and the kitchen counters.

2. Don’t Get Buried: A little bit goes a long way. Taking 5 or 10 minutes each day to focus on cleaning can help avoid a 2 hour cleaning tirade during your precious weekend hours. I try to focus on my closet space in the morning, my work space throughout the day and my kitchen counters once the kids are all in bed. Little bits of time can really add up and make you feel accomplished.

3. Organizing Tools: Hangers, boxes and files, oh my! Stock up on organizing tools. No need to spend a fortune. A lot of stuff you can grab at the dollar store for cheap or you may be able to use items you already have as storage containers. Stop by Pinterest for tons of ideas. I always have hangers laying around and I pick up storage boxes on sale at my local TJ Maxx. Every now and then, I splurge on some high dollar storage displays, so my storage also counts as decor! Winning!!

4. Geek Out: Figure out a method to your madness. Is it color coding that flips your bic? Do you like to file by size or store stuff by category? Whichever system you create is probably going to depend on what it is your focusing on and what your personal style may be. My closet goes by type of clothing (work, play, dress up), my desk goes by size and function and the counters go by category and most used items.

5. Controlled Chaos: This is where you get creative or lazy, if that’s your style. I won’t judge. Being as organized as you want to be is really knowing where your crap is! If you prefer an “eclectic” organizational style AND you know where everything is located, then you my friend are as good as gold. The goal of organization is to decrease stress and to make items easily accessible. Everyone’s “organized” is uniquely their own!


*** Talk to me: What do you use to help yourself stay organized? ***




Mommy Mondays: Mom Jeans

When I was a teenager, had you of told me that “Mom Jeans” would be in style, I would have laughed in your face, sorry Mom.

I spent a solid 10 years wearing jeans so low that I pretty much qualified for many of the plumbing companies across the United States. I helped keep the name brand denim companies in business. A lot of us ladies did. We were slaves to what was in style…. and might I say, I’m glad it was only too-low jeans, in comparison to some of the clothes (if you can call them that) that these girls are wearing today.

Now that I am a Mom, I thank the Lord that this “high-waisted style” is all the rage. I can bend down to pick up a toy and not expose my hind-end to my toddler. I can sit at a restaurant and not worry that my booty is on display. Heck, I can even go commando without anyone knowing! The possibilities!!!!

And ya know what?! I look good in Mom Jeans. Thank God! We all look good in them!

The Mom Jean is making its comeback and here are some of my picks for the affordable, yet stylish, options on the shelf now:

5. Old Navy: Women’s High Rise Soft Pants ($35)


4. Levi’s: Super Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($60)


3. American Eagle: Hi-Rise Jegging ($20 – $60)



2. H&M: Jeans High Waist ($35)


1. Old Navy: The Rockstar High Rise Skinny ($32)



****Tell me: Old or new, what are your all-time favorite pants? Brand, cut, fabric and color…. I want to know it all!****

Mommy Mondays: Bills and Budgets

Bills and Budgets

I admit that I like to go shopping. Who doesn’t? Whatever it might be: clothes, cars, home decor, pets, tattoos, coffee mugs; everyone has their thing.

Having a family means cutting down on unecessary shopping and beginning to use money and time in a more strategic spending pattern. I honestly don’t know how any family survives without a budget. If we didn’t do it here at the Rockstar household, we would have some serious problems on our hands.

With just a few simple steps you can create a budget, become more aware regarding your spending and possibly free up some cash to hit the mall, farmers market, boutique, tattoo parlor, pet store, etc.

Bills and Budgets 101

biils budgets 2

1. Write it down: Keep a “bill book” so you can look at trends from one month to the next. Keeping a log book of what you are spending makes you even more accountable for every dollar coming in and going out.

2.Know what you make: This can be as easy as sneaking a peak at your pay-stub or it can be a little more tricky (i.e. self employment). Do you need to work a little overtime to reach your goals or can you skip the extra hours and relax this month?

3. Know your bills and other necessary costs: Make sure you don’t forget gas, groceries and other necessary purchases that you make multiple times throughout the month.

4. What’s the difference? Subtract the “bills and necessities” from the “what you make”. What will you do with what’s left over? This amount may vary from month to month so use it wisely.

5. Let’s get visual: We keep the “bill book” open to the current month so every time we pass the desk, we have a reminder. It is easily accessible just in case we need to make some quick spending decisions.

6. *BONUS* Save: Spend a little and save a little. Make savings one of you monthly “necessities”.  Set a goal and a timeline for your savings and spending cycles. Enjoy.


*** Talk to me. What are you saving for? ***