Black Bean Fiesta Dip


As part of my Dietetic Internship I worked at a health department in rural Kentucky. I learned a lot about breastfeeding, WIC and social media. On my first day we were helping a new mom and baby with their latch, a feat even The Rockstar was impressed with. I learned about baby wearing, volunteered at Need More Acres Farm and became just a tad more “crunchy” than I had been. It was probably the best professional experience I could ask for. It has proven invaluable for my personal life (we were expecting Dylan at the time!).

The library was in close proximity to the health department and my Preceptor was friends with their rad and crafty employees so we did some reading for pleasure. I read some great books by Michael Pollan and have turned into a firm believer that less is more. Less ingredients translates into a more pure product and well, let’s face it, moms do not always have the time to hunt down everything on an a list of 20 ingredients when cooking at home. My Black Bean Fiesta Dip only has 3 ingredients, and that is part of the reason I love it so much…. well, that and it tastes great!


My Black Bean Fiesta Dip is just one component of my Sunday food prep. I have been wanting to join the leagues of Sunday Food Preppers for a while now and I am proud to say that I finally have! I get all of the washing, chopping, baking and boiling done in just a few hours so I can relax more during the week and be less tempted to order out when dinner time rolls around. Here is a sneak peak of my weekly staples: grab-n-go fruit, kale and romaine mix, chicken, hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, tuna salad, carrots, cucumbers, blackberries and……Black Bean Fiesta Dip!


It really is  It is super easy to make in my food processor (which I may need an upgrade on soon, since I am using it so much these days), and I use it on everything for a little extra kick of flavor. I like it on carrots or with tortilla chips. This week were are going to try it with quesadillas! I bet it might even be a good sandwich spread!



Black Bean Fiesta Dip


2 cups of cooked black beans

1 cup of plain Greek yogurt (I use Cabot)

1-1/2 cups of salsa


Place ingredients in blender or food processor and blend until everything is well combined. Place mixture in bowl for dipping and enjoy with chips, veggies or as a spread on sandwiches or quesadillas.


I would love to hear from YOU!

*** What is your one quick move that saves you time throughout the week? ***

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My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Technology is a double edged sword. I love how everything is now right at the end of my fingertips, but I do loathe the fact that we are all so plastered to our electronic devices. It’s a fine line between regression and progression. Socializing has turned into social media and physical distance is how far away we are from wifi. It is something we are realizing that we can’t seem to live without. Warmer temperatures (here in TN) mean more chances to unplug and get in some more physical activity….



… I do hope we are all able to squeeze in a few more steps into our days. Working in a nursing home really brings to light the need to make small changes now toward living a healthy lifestyle. Our older generations are suffering from some avoidable handicaps (obesity, diabetes, cirrhosis, etc) that a few extra steps, a few less fast food meals and a few more glasses of water could have prevented. Good role models are what we need to better guide our younger generations. The road might be rocky but there are plenty of folks out there that can help inspire you to make better decisions for the future of you and your loved ones.


On those days when we just can’t manage to disconnect and take a stroll in the great outdoors, here are some blogs that I would suggest checking out again and again.

1. Carrots ‘n’ Cake

Maybe it’s the fact that we both had babies this past June, but this is a blog I really feel like I can relate to. She has posts about some great health and fitness products and then she also gives sneak peeks into the life of a new mom. She squeezes in workouts and enjoys iced coffee year round.

2. Nutrition Stripped

I actually started following her on Instagram and fell so in love with her photos and captions that I began reading her blog. It is also pretty cool that she lives here in Nashville and sometimes I recognize some of the places she takes her photos. The Rockstar is even into some of her posts (see upcoming post about Tumeric).

3. Pinch of Yum

This blog was recommended to me as a resource for starting a blog. They have some great tips for starting a blog and their income reports are all the more motivation to maybe … someday… get things rolling! I am also a budget/excel/numbers nut so this plays on my nerdy side too.

4. The Lean Green Bean

I have been looking in on this blog for sometime now and just over the past year or so realized that we knew some of the same people. We are now virtual coworkers and new moms so it is always great to see what she is cooking up! She is a superwoman in the kitchen and has a great social media game.

5. Healthyfully Ever After

I am a sucker for a good wedding and a die-hard fan of good wedding food. She specializes in healthy lifestyle changes for brides-to-be and also has some great images and advice coming from her neck of the woods.


It’s a tad chilly here in TN and I have tons of work to keep me on my computer all day, but my mom workout consists of running in place in my house next to the pack-and-play with this guy.



I’ve been doing some sunday food prep to ensure that I have some healthy staples on hand at my house and we just got a new water cooler at home to increase our H2O intake. What smooth moves are you and your rockstars making to live a healthy life?

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Nutty Oatmeal Energy Balls

A new blog for a new year and some Nutty Oatmeal Energy Balls to help get us in gear!


I have been wanting to start a blog for years now, so I thought I would get the ball rolling (no pun intended) and make it one of my resolutions for 2015. I have worked behind the scenes with a few of what I consider to be the top bloggers, food photographers, and nutrition communication trailblazers that the industry has to offer. Regan Jones, RD has been a wealth of inspiration to me on this journey and she is definitely one to watch. Please do keep in mind that I am beginner level and she is more of a black belt. My amateur babbling (writing in between diaper changes, work and naps) and photography (just got my camera for christmas… still trying to figure it out) are all just for fun these days, so I do hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting!

I have a 6 month old bouncing baby boy, so this recipe encompasses the necessities of my current kitchen repertoire: easy, just a few ingredients, and packed full of nutrients that will fuel my engine (…and my step-kids and the rockstar). There is no added sugar (thank goodness, for those in post-holiday cookie burnout) and each ball is about 150 calories. It may seem like a lot, but the richness of the peanut butter and the filling power of the oats make it hard to plow through a whole batch. The flavors are just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and it will keep you full until your next chance to eat comes around.






The reason I need extra energy:


My biggest critics:



Nutty Oatmeal Energy Balls

yield: 12 round balls of yummy goodness


1 1/2 c. old fashioned oats

1/4 c. chocolate chips (I like white chocolate)

1/4 c. almond flour

1/3 c. dried cranberries

1/4 cup unsweetened flake coconut

2/3 c. natural creamy peanut butter


1. Add the oats, chocolate chips, almond flour, cranberries and coconut to a large mixing bowl and mix together with a spoon.

2. Add the peanut butter to the dry ingredients and combine all ingredients.

3.  Spray your hands with non-stick spray and using your hands, roll out approximately 12 – 1 inch balls and place in airtight container. These stay best when they are refrigerated.


**** Since this is my first blog post, I’d love to hear what everyone thinks! Comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

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Hello world!


Please check back after January 1st for our debut!

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